Who are you dealing with?

The Design Grove is me, myself and I, following 16 years of working in various marketing roles across a range of industries, I decided to try my hand at freelancing. I am happy to say, I've never looked back.

Is The Design Grove an agency?

No, I don't have any employees which allows me to stay agile as a business. I do have collaborations with other marketers, SEO experts, video producers, & photographers, that enable me to provide a well rounded service to clients.

So what am I like to work with?

I like two-way transparency with all of my clients. I try to immerse myself into your organisation and fit in like a member of staff would. I am unassuming, unimposing and very very helpful. 


Find out more on the About Us page.

What is my marketing background?

I started in marketing when I was 20 in my first job where I was paid about £2.50 an hour. The MD of the business saw a marketing spark in me and offered me the opportunity to study the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Certificate qualification. That really cemented the future for me and I went on to study the Diploma qualification.   

I went on to work in some fantastic organisations, a metallic pigment manufacturer, a parking services organisation, a pharmaceutical containment manufacturer and an electronic manufacturer for the aerospace and defence industry. 

I have gained valuable experience at each of these companies, particularly in developing corporate branding and all that comes with that from websites, brochures and more. 


Who is Gillian Bardsley, out of work?


I had my first child in 2014 and this really changed my perspective on the world of work. Being around for my children (I was stupid enough to have another in 2017) and being able to take them to school, clubs and other things was really important to me. This has guided my decision to step into freelancing, working from home and having choice over my working hours. 

So whilst my life revolves around my family, our family days out, holidays, camping trips, (we're pretty outdoorsy), I love marketing! I love being able to help other businesses, it motivates me like nothing else. 

What should my clients expect?

I always start a client relationship with a contract of some kind for you to sign. This is for your protection and mine.

I have payment terms and conditions of 14 days from date of invoice. Sadly yes you do have to pay for my services. 

Communication is vitally important in order to be productive and enable you to see a return on your investment asap. It would be ideal if it was two way.

Whilst there will be times when I will need to see you face to face, the majority of my work can be done remotely. That combined with my childcare responsibilities means that you won't see me very often after our initial kick off meetings. 

When I do visit you, a cup of tea would be nice. 

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