Why you need an intranet!

A target audience for businesses of all sizes to think about.... B2E or business to employee.

As an employer, you can no longer rest on your laurels and expect good employees to stick around just because they need a job. Many people expect more than that from their employer these days.

How do you convince employees to stay and deliver the best of themselves? How do you provide information that reassures them that you have their back? How do you remind them of the behaviours you expect from them and in turn what you bring to their lives?

An intranet enables you to do exactly that.

An intranet is kind of like your businesses internal website or Internal Communication platform. It’s an opportunity to ‘sell’ your culture or your ‘way’ to employees.

These days intranets ‘off the shelf’ have so many cool features that it’s become more than just a communication tool. It’s an essential part of life in an organisation, if done right!

What are the benefits of an intranet?

  1. It organises and stores all your key business information in one place that enables people to stay up to date with what’s happening around the business

  2. It supports your on-boarding process and provides new starters with a good introduction to the company

  3. It enables you to deliver a joined up communication strategy, providing communication on demand and remotely so employees can access it whenever they like

  4. It enables you to communicate more frequently without it feeling like your pushing information onto people, they visit on their schedule to get updates

  5. Integrated with key systems such as CRMs, document management, purchasing, it aids business processes

  6. Integrated with messaging and interactive project features, it creates a fun and engaging hub and point of interest for employees

  7. The user data allows you to get a feel for level of interest in the business, what people are interested in, integrated with polls, it allows you to take spot checks on your teams morale or ask questions quickly

Sound good??

How I can help

If you’ve been thinking about getting an intranet for your business, there are loads of options and systems at your disposal. It’s a minefield!

You have one chance to get this right with something as important as an intranet, you don’t want it to fall flat on launch day, so a bit of guidance and support from me could make all the difference.

Having implemented many varieties of internal systems, I am fully aware of the pitfalls and challenges you can face, so let me help you navigate them.

Give me a call and let’s tackle this together. 07739007254

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