Social Media Case Study

Persistence really pays off when it comes to social media. I have been managing a social media calendar for one of my clients for the past 4 months and I am really pleased with the outcome in such a short time.

The main aim of the game has been to give the company a presence. Just to get the brand out there moving and shaking, as it were.

I was always intent on making sure that the content was unique to them, or most of it at least and trying to ensure that it resonated with their target audience.

So the first thing I did was to understand exactly who that target audience was. Forming a picture in my mind of the person I was talking to made it easier to write content for. I write as if I am talking to that person.

The key to creating content that resonates with your audience, I find, is in understanding four things.

  • Challenges and pain points. What problems do they face, what causes them frustration

  • Goals and desires. What do they hope to achieve, what would be their idea of a positive outcome?

  • Why would they NOT choose you? Understanding what alternatives there are to your business and what could stand in the way of your success.

  • Where they hang out. Both on and offline. Where can you find your target audience? What websites do they visit, what exhibitions do they go to, what magazines do they read etc.

Once I understood this for each of the market sectors, I was able to weave messages into the content and create effective copy.

For a b2b company, I focused mainly on creating a blog at least once a month, that I could then split into multiple tweets and posts. Taking website content that I spent so much time perfecting and assimilating to the people, using it in posts and tweets, why reinvent the wheel??

Gary Vee's article on 'How to create 64 pieces of content in a day' is a fantastic resource if you are looking to manage your own social media. I have to admit, I pinched a few of his ideas and here are the stats.


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