It starts with the brief...

Selecting a creative supplier is a daunting task, handing over your hard earned cash to someone else is quite an honour for your supplier, so it is down to them to make the selection process an easy one.

Some things to look out for.

  1. The way they speak to you. Are they passionate about what they do? Do they deliver their pitch enthusiastically? If they’re not bothered about themselves, they won’t be bothered about you, so presentation is a number one thing to look out for.

  2. Their past experience. Do they have a good track record? Could you contact some of their customers and find out how they perform? If you like what they’ve done, thats a good starting point.

  3. Check them out financially. There are loads of tools online which enable you to do a quick background check of their finances. But don’t be scared if they don’t have much money in the bank, businesses have to start somewhere, just set up a bit of protection for yourself and suss out your payment terms in advance.

  4. Are they good at promoting themselves? If they’re at the top of their game, they should be at the top of Google. Or somewhere in the vicinity.

  5. Are they value for money? Price always comes into it along the way, but guard against the cheapest option, because you know what they say, ‘you pay peanuts….’

Once you have satisfied yourself that they meet your criteria and you’d like to move forward, then it’s time to write your brief.

Some things to include:

  1. What your key strengths are. What sets you apart from your competition?

  2. Who are your target market? How old? What gender? What are their potential interests? Where do they reside?

  3. Your branding guidelines if you have any. Package up your logo and any other previous creative work you have had done. Explain any constraints to your designer.

  4. Your accreditations and other key logos.

  5. Images and content. Any thing which gives the designer a heads up of the sort of thing you have in mind will help the designer not go too far off the mark. If your thinking white and we’re thinking black, tell us!

We will continue to feed back ideas so we can fine tune what your after. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, even if you don’t like something.


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