International Womens Day

I've kind of always thought these 'International Something Days' were a bit of nonsense, a marketing ploy, like International Brothers day or whatever, yeh I get that someone somewhere wants us to take time to appreciate things, but who? Where does it come from?

In any case today I went with it because it was something made more special to me lately by the arrival of my daughter! Realising I was going to bring up a 'Woman', I decided to invest myself in this meaningful day of recognition. I participated in an event organised by a local school that was designed to educate 14 year old girls about possible careers open to them.

It was speed dating with a purpose of educating these young women that there was more to life than finding a boyfriend, getting married and having children. Yes you could do all that and enjoy it in the process, but have a career too, be an individual before you are a couple. Establish yourself before you compromise for children.

The girls enjoyed it, they listened intently, they asked interesting questions that I, at 14 would never have dreamt of asking like, "what do you think about the gender pay gap!!" WOW! The best question of the day was, what advice would you give to your 14 year old self? Again, wow, what a question... I chose to answer with 'Dont worry... it'll all be ok, what you worry about at 14 will seem like nothing in 20 years time, so just stop worrying and have fun'

What would your answer be???


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