Brand Workshop @ SpiritSmith

I recently delivered a brand workshop for 'SpiritSmith' - a company who specialise in personalised gifts of the alcoholic variety. In particular spirits like vodka and gin.

They already had some experience through their 'brother' Beer Hunter, which specialise in craft beers and personalisation, but they felt they needed something to set them apart and give spirits their own identity.

I took them through a half day workshop which looks like this;

It was a rewarding day and the team involved really got into the process. Philippa from SpiritSmith gave me a stunning review;

"I snapped up the opportunity to use Gillian's skills when I had a project I needed help with. Gillian coordinated and facilitated a branding workshop for me, which gave us the direction we needed to move the project forward. She was excellent and the results from our workshop were so detailed and delivered back to us the very next day. Gillian is efficiency in a delightful package and I would highly recommend to any SME needing marketing guidance of any sort."

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