Helping businesses design their perfect culture through effective communication and employee engagement activities. 


Start with listening

Starting an employee engagement initiative within a manufacturing setting can be very daunting. You have a large collection of people each with different experience, needs and expectations, how can you communicate to them in a one size fits all approach? Well, here's the answer, you can't!

Taking the time to listen to your employees and find out what they want from you as employers is the key to delivering an engagement programme that will really hit the mark. 


Think of your employees as if they were your customer, each unique and special in their own way, find out what motivates them, what challenges they face that you could help them with, find out what they enjoy on a personal level and what their goals are. 


Understanding these factors is the key to a successful outcome. 

The Design Grove has a tried and tested, methodical approach to getting this information out of your employees in a fun and engaging way through a series of survey's, workshops and focus groups. 

First we need to listen to you, the person or team responsible for employee engagement. What are you trying to achieve? How does it compliment your wide strategic aims as a business.


If you are unclear about your strategy, The Design Grove can help with that too. Let's have a chat and start the ball rolling. 


Forming Content

With a mountain of information about your employees, and a better understanding of your business aims, what next?


We take that information and weave it into an employer brand. Developing graphics, messages and visuals that reinforce your aims as a business. Whether that is designing artwork for your walls, helping you find your vision and values or establishing a raft of key phrases that you want your employees to know, developing key messages are a key part of building employee engagement.


A single approach won't work with a work force who respond differently to different messages. Some like more visual communication, some prefer face-to-face whilst others are happy with lots of detail, so being sure to cover all our base's, The Design Grove will set to work on a plan of activity that your organisation can sustain. 

We will engage with your most committed staff to build a team of internal culture champions that enable this activity to thrive internally, with The Design Grove as advisors.  The Design Grove can be as on hand as required, facilitating wherever necessary. 

Get in touch for a no obligation chat about your options.


Tactical Delivery

Delivering your communication plan will require an investment from you and your leadership team. Drafting in an outside expert to deliver a few workshops or design a few newsletters will only be as good as the commitment of your leadership. 

Using some of the most enthusiastic members of your team, together we create a committee of culture ambassadors, those that will make all our efforts sustainable and liveable with every day accountability. 

With a structured plan of activity to work towards, The Design Grove can help you deliver any or all of the elements, integrating into your business as if they were one of you. 

The Design Grove can support you with the following;

  • Email communication

  • Notice board design

  • Electronic noticeboards

  • Posters or bulletins

  • Videos

  • Intranet development and management

  • Reward and recognition scheme

  • Workshops and focus groups

  • Team building activities

  • Corporate events and seminars

  • Newsletter design and production

  • Sourcing of employee gifts and other incentives


Most importantly, we work with you each step of the way to ensure you are entirely happy with our approach and our work. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in outsourcing, please get in touch. 

Ready to find out more?

If you're responsible for increasing employee engagement and need some support with communication you've come to the right place. Get in touch for a no obligation chat about your business.


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