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Strategy Development

Starting a marketing project of any kind or size requires an initial phase of fact finding. Understanding your brand, the who, what, why, where and when of your business is the key to a successful outcome. 

The Design Grove has a tried and tested, methodical approach to dragging all of this information out of your head in a fun and engaging way through one of our marketing workshops. 

Once we have all the information we need from you, The Design Grove will systematically profile your target audiences, gaining a full understanding of what they like, dislike, what challenges they face and more and then we will turn that into compelling marketing messages that entice them to connect with your brand. 

If you are unclear about your strategy, book one of our marketing workshops. You are guaranteed to come away with greater clarity over your business and marketing aims.

Book a day session with me for £375.


Communication Planning

After establishing your marketing goals, your target audience and your messaging, it's time to plan. You know what they say, fail to plan, plan to fail. 

So at The Design Grove we will set about co-ordinating a programme of activity which fully utilises your marketing strategy and puts into practice all elements of the marketing communications mix.

This might include direct marketing such as email campaigns or social media management. We will review your current marketing collateral, brochures, website, video, digital asset library and suggest improvements that can be made to enhance or deliver your messages.

We will take a look at your opportunities for events & advertising (if you have the budget), or other places for you to advertise, or communicate, such as conferences, we will even look at opportunities for sponsorship or public speaking. Nothing is off the table.

Once all this is agree'd with you, your budget can be set to cover any investments and off we go. 


Tactical Support

This is the doing bit, the bit that at The Design Grove, we find most fun. We get creative with your branding. If you haven't got brand guidelines, don't worry, we'll create them. We will bring all your messages together into beautifully created masterpieces that we are proud to present as our contribution to the growth of your business. 

We articulate your key selling points into great promotional content for brochures, advertising, social media or your website. 

We create a plethora of digital graphics, logo's, colour palettes, brochure designs, web designs and more. We have a vision for your brand and we systematically work through all our agreed plans and proposals to bring that vision to life. 

We work with trusted partners in photography and videography to create additional digital assets that can add huge value to our marketing campaigns. 

The Design Grove can support you with the following;

  • Email marketing

  • On and offline advertising

  • Website design and ongoing maintenance

  • Video production

  • Photoshoot co-ordination

  • Customer retention schemes

  • Corporate events

  • Exhibition management

  • Exhibition graphics design and production

  • Brochure design and product 

  • Logo design 

  • Corporate stationery 

  • Brand guidelines 


Most importantly, we work with you each step of the way to ensure you are entirely happy with our approach and our work. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in outsourcing, please get in touch. 


“Gillian has delivered a complete overhaul of our branding and marketing strategy and I would highly recommend her to any company looking to increase their marketing efforts.”

David Farncombe

Sales Director, Precision Investment Castings

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